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Odisha DQ beneficaries ignore BDA show cause; ask questions instead


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 30:

A month after BDA finished serving show cause notices to 500 beneficiaries of allotment under the discretionary quota (DQ), it has received about 50 threatening counter letters instead of replies to its notice.

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Even though it has been more than 45 days since notices were served on beneficiaries, almost 450 have chosen not to reply to the notice. The rest 50 have asked difficult questions to BDA forcing it to take refuge under departmental suggestion.

The beneficiaries have raised various questions such as: why the committee was formed; who certified the report to be true; why the cancellation is being initiated after 20 years; why the allotments should be cancelled in the first place if they were made lawfully; why should the plot allotted before 1995 not be cancelled etc,. The BDA doesn’t have a concrete answer to any of these questions raised by the beneficiaries.

As ifunter questions were not enough, many of them have gone on to seek information as per RTI. BDA so far has received about 100 such applications.

The information sought in these RTI applications include the details of allocations, the recommending authorities, the acts based on which the allocation was made, the brochure details at the time of allocation, the government notifications, copies of the files, task force report etc.

“More than 90 percent of the beneficiaries are former and current MLAs, ministers, IAS, IPS rank officers, lawyers, judges and officials of BDA itself. So, don’t expect any action based on the report. It is just a report and moreover it is far from flawless. It has been made in a way so that the report gets trashed if the matter reaches court,” said a senior BDA official.

It may be noted that the Taradutt led task force had recommended that all the plots, flats and houses allocated between January 1, 1995 till July 31, 2014 under the discretionary quota should be cancelled. It had also suggested that BDA should take over these properties.

The Odisha government has accepted the report. Based on the report, out of the 943 beneficiaries of the Discretionary Quota allotment, 500 have been served the notice by BDA in the first phase by June 30.

As per the show cause notice issued by BDA, the beneficiaries are supposed to submit a reply to the notice within 30 days stating why the allocation should not be cancelled. After receiving the reply, the BDA would set another date for the hearing.

The deadline for the reply is tomorrow.