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Odisha DGP features in Tamil movie as ‘martyr’


Bhubaneswar: A recently released Hindi version of a Tamil movie has irked many in Odisha. Reason: the Odisha DGP KB Singh features in the movie as a ‘martyr’ with his photograph found hanging on the wall.

The dubbed version of the Kollywood movie ACP Shiva (Motta Siva Ketta Siva) was released on May 5 where the makers have ostensibly not put in enough efforts on research. In a scene, the Odisha DGP has been projected as a slain cop.

Actor Sathyaraj who essayed the iconic character of Katappa in Baahubali series was seen indoctrinating his junior colleague Raghava Lawrence – who plays ACP Shiva, a corrupt cop – about the supreme sacrifices made by the policemen while on duty. As police commissioner, Sathyaraj refers to dead policemen, whose photographs were put up on the wall of a hall, including Singh’s.

Such faux pas has drawn sharp criticisms in the state from various quarters. On the contrary, the top cop appeared unfazed by the blunder.

“It is a good thing to lay down life for the country but I am still live. Movies have a lot of influence on the society. They should have verified whether the photograph is genuine or not,” Singh said.

Meanwhile, the Odisha Police Association (OPA) has sought an apology from the filmmaker for the goof up.

“This is a blunder. The filmmaker shouldn’t have done this. We seek an apology from the filmmaker,” OPA President Satyajit Mishra said.