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Odisha Crime Branch to investigate Srimad Sarathi Productions


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 21:

After freezing the bank accounts and seizing other properties of disgraced self-style godman Sarathi Baba, Odisha Crime Branch is soon going to investigate ‘Srimad Sarathi Productions Private Limited’ that used to produce movies and music videos.

Ollywood superstar Anubhav Mohanty kneeling before Sarathi Baba
Ollywood superstar Anubhav Mohanty kneeling before Sarathi Baba

As per information provided by a senior crime branch official, the agency is also contemplating investigating the actors and others associated with the banner.

It may be noted that the production house launched by the Baba released its first motion picture ‘Bachelor’ in 2012, which was produced by one of his devotees named ‘Mitali Madhumita’. While the movie featured debutant Akhil Patnaik and Utkantha, the other actors involved with the project were Bijay Mohanty, Tandra Ray and Pintu Nanda. The movie was directed by Mrutunjay Sahu and music was composed by Premanand.

Some of the technicians who worked in the movie claimed that Sarathi’s son Satyam used to run the show on the shooting set of the movie that highlighted the charisma of the self-proclaimed godman generously.

Another devotee of the tainted Baba produced another movie under the same banner. Apart from the two movies, the production house also produced many audio/video albums including ‘Jeevan Ratha’, ‘Prabhu Sarathi’ and ‘Janmaru Mrutyu Sathi Sarathi’.

Apart from renowned talents from the Odisha entertainment industry, Sarathi himself made vocal contributions to many of the songs in these albums. He also got a dedicated tape of his ‘Pravachan’ titled ‘Sarathi Vaani’ released through his banner.

Satyam played an active role in producing these movies and albums apart from supervising their upcoming devotional TV channel project.

The actors, however, are panic-stricken and trying all they can to distance themselves after Sarathi got into trouble for his dirty deeds exposed by the local media.

“I had been to Sarathi’s ashram out of curiosity since so many people were visiting him. However, after I saw him come out in make-up, I lost my faith. I don’t know who Satyam is and never got any photograph clicked with him. Some of the men at the Ashram had clicked my photograph while I was there. The picture that shows Satyam and me in a frame must have been morphed,” said senior Ollywod actor Aparajita Mohanty while speaking to Kanak TV yesterday.

Another leading actor Ashrumochan Mohanty, who acted in many of the videos produced by the Sarathi Prodcution went on to bring cheating allegation against the fraud Baba.

“I have acted in his video albums purely as a professional artist. It was a religious affair and I couldn’t say no. He is yet to pay me Rs 25,000 that is due to me by way of fees. I have asked him to pay me back many a times without much luck,” rued Mohanty.

“So far as the photograph with Satyam is concerned, he got this picture clicked from his side while I was at the event to inaugurate the album. I neither knew who Satyam is nor did I have any idea about the exploits of Sarathi,” he added.