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Odisha cops on prowl: Here’s how boozers can evade them

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Bhubaneswar: It’s time to party out the old year. Does your itinerary include getting sloshed in a pub or a restaurant? Make sure you don’t drink and drive! With the police flagging down vehicles in Odisha capital to check for drunk driving, the New Year celebrations can ring in trouble for you.

Party revellers, worrying about reaching home safely late night, can instead try these suggestions.

Book a cab after partying hard

Besides rental cab services, those available online can be booked for safe ride back home from getting sozzled in a party welcoming 2018. Board the cab with those unsteady steps even when you can barely keep the eyes open with friends for company. Riding a cab alone in semi-conscious state will do more harm than good. Do check with the service providers where the driver was before picking you to ensure that he is not drunk.

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Ask your buddy to drop you home

A friend in need is a friend indeed. And a teetotaler is a blessing. Tag them along to the evening out and party hard without worrying about driving back home alone. Just ensure that they can drive and know the route to your house well to avoid another long directionless outing in the middle of the night. Also at party, ask them not to keep their soft drink unattended as it may get spiked.

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Book a driver

If you have a vehicle then hire a driver, who can drive you back home safe. You can book them online by clicking on TechSquadTeam, Bhuola and other such sites providing drivers in Bhubaneswar. You can also ask a friend, who decides to stay indoors on New Year eve, to lend you his driver. A known driver is even a safer bet.

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Don’t booze at all

Get high on creativity, movies and marathon long-night chats. Let sense prevail and you remember every move you made on the dance floor while trying out colourful mocktails. Jot down the New Year resolutions and ways to break them. Try out a new dish and do things that you had been avoiding in those 364 days. Ring in 2018 by striking out a few regrets by checking the ‘to-do list’. Enjoy the night with the moon flashing it beam making it all the more beautiful.

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Don’t venture out. Party at home

Home is where the heart is and what’s better place to celebrate and make merry! Decorate your room, cook the best cuisines and invite friends for a night out while cheering the old folks for having made through 2017. For bidding farewell to 2017, nothing better than a bachelor’s pad where things can get wild and go on till the next morning, while you welcome the New Year kissing the sunrise only to sleep late into the afternoon. What’s better way to start the year!

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With celebrations ramping up through the night and people soaking in the party spirit, Odisha Sun Times wishes its readers a happy and prosperous New Year. Stay safe today and greet a brighter tomorrow.

Disclaimer: We don’t encourage alcohol consumption