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Srikant targets Naveen, links tardy chit fund probe by CBI to BJD-BJP nexus


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 6:

Senior Congress leader and former Union minister Srikant Jena today accused Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik of having a clandestine link with the BJP at the Centre.

In a statement to the media here, Jena alleged that the CBI is deliberately delaying the probe into the mega chit fund scam in Odisha.

Srikant Jena
Srikant Jena

“This could be due to the fact that since several ruling BJD leaders are involved in the mega scam, the BJD top brass, in a desperate bid to save their skin, have entered into a secret tie-up with the BJP,” he said.

Jena said the chief minister, apart from the chit fund scam, is mortally afraid of the possible CBI investigation into the mega mining scam that has been recommended by the Shah Commission to the Centre.

“Aware of the fact that in case the Central investigating agency takes up the mining scam investigation, he will have the same fate like the Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha, Naveen has tried his best to remain on the safe side by cozying up to the BJP at the Centre”, he said.

Citing instances of the calculated moves of the BJD, which was opposing the BJP tooth and nail earlier, the former Union minister said the ruling party became the first political party in the country that lent support to the ordinance on appointment of thr private secretary to prime minister Narendra Modi.

“Not only this, the BJD had also supported the Insurance Bill brought by the BJP government in the Parliament which was vehemently opposed by all opposition parties. It had also supported the move of the BJP government for FDI in the country’s defence sector”, Jena informed.

Coming down heavily on the double standards of the BJD, Jena said the ruling party which was in the habit of resorting to anti-Centre slogans during the UPA rule, has gone to the extent of sealing its mouth now at the cost of the larger interests of the state.