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Odisha chit fund scam: CBI discovers ‘fake investors’ in AT Group


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sept 4:

The CBI has discovered a number of ‘fake investors’, who were issued bonds by the Odisha ponzi firm AT Group company .

CHIT FUND SCAMAccording to sources, the Central intelligence officials had asked the Income Tax department for a list of investors including top political leaders and bureaucrats, who had invested money in the AT Group.

However, a senior I-T official has informed the CBI team that there were a number of fake investors, who, in spite of no investment, have been issued with bonds by the chit fund company. On the basis of the bond, these investors were eligible for monthly interest.

While the I-T department has failed to identify these investors, reliable sources in the CBI said these fake investors include senior political leaders, bureaucrats and police officers.

There are also reports that several of them had invested money and gold under fake names.

Efforts are on to gather evidence against these persons, the sources added.

In the meanwhile, the CBI officials have conducted a series of raids on the offices of Seashore chit fund company in Odisha.

Sources said that the two teams of CBI officials have raided the Seashore offices at Chandaka on the outskirts of the capital city, Khordha, Nouka Vihar in Cuttack and Angul and seized several incriminating documents.

However, the officials have not provided details of the raids.


  1. I completely disagree with the statement of the CBI that they have seized several vital documents and other evidence from Seashore office during their raids. I suspect the CBI is just misleading the people of Odisha.

    We all know that politicians, bureaucrats, builders are involved in this mega scam. How can we expect these criminals would have left all evidence of their complicity for the CBI to discover in the company’s offices after two years?

    This is childish. I hope that the CBI does a proper investigation and takes the credit. If we ever feel that CBI is not doing the investigation properly then we will be compelled to take the shelter of Honourable Supreme Court again and this time it would be against the functioning of the CBI team in this mega scam.

    We have provided enough proof against many high profile criminals but till date CBI has not taken any action against them. The raid at different offices of Seashore is a big farce and is meant only to mislead the people of Odisha. If the same CBI is doing the investigation properly in West Bengal, sparing none, then why they are displaying laxity in Odisha?


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