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Odisha celebrates ‘Rasagola Dibasa’ with great fanfare


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 31:

The first ever ‘Rasagola Dibasa’, organized to reaffirm the birth of the syrupy dessert in Odisha and cherish its link to the Jagannath Culture, was celebrated with great fanfare yesterday.

rasagola divas

Grand events were organized at Pahala, the epicentre of modern-day Rasagola in the state and Reliance Food Court of Bhubaneswar in partnership with Sambad and Radio Choklate.

The events were aimed at creating awareness among the Odias about the dish and its roots in the Niladri Bije ritual of Lord Jagannath, refuting the claim of Bengalis about the origin of the dish in their state and popularize it among masses.

Social media, especially Twitter went into a frenzy with hundreds of tweets pouring in throughout the day. At one point, hashtag #RasagolaDibasa was trending at No. 2 nationally. People were seen posting selfies with the sweet and making the centuries-old dish a pop icon all over again.

Owners of sweetmeat shops were equally enthused at the new window of opportunity opening for them to promote Odisha made sweets at home and away.

“The event clarified that Rasagola is an authentic Odia sweet. This is a noble attempt by Sambad and Radio Choklate that writes a new chapter in the culinary history of the state. It also inspires us traders to go further,” said Bimbadhar Behera, President of Utkal Mistanna Byabasayi Samiti.

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The centuries old dish has its roots in the Odia culture and tradition as evident from the Niladri Bije ritual of Lord Jagannath at the end of Rath Yatra, where the Lord offers the sweet to Mahalaxmi to pacify her anger.

The event was celebrated by sand artist of international repute Sudarshan Patnaik at Puri Beach where he came up with a beautiful sand art linking the Rasagola Dibasa with the Niladri Bije ritual of the Lord.

The same sentiment was echoed at the Reliance food court where Radio Choklate was hosting competitions and had arranged for a large display of a wide variety of Rasagola.

“There is no alternative to rasagola. It is appropriate day to celebrate Rasagola Ddivas since this dish is associated with Jagannath Culture. I would hope that this is celebrated on an even wider scale in coming days,” said Satya Ranjan Mohanty of Reliance Food Court.


  1. ” is this the only piece of heritage that you can show off to the world? Seriously there are better things to latch onto 🙂
    chaitanna mahaprabhu did come from GEOGRAPHICAL ORISSA but back then there was no orissa, are we forgetting this?
    and your dear lord ASHOKA the great wasn’t your hero too until he defeated your so called “kalinga empire”. he was a scavenger of kalinga and not a king 🙂
    your bali, sumatra etc “J(y)ATRAS” came form LORD ASHOKA’S INVASION of your pillage state.
    the regular oriya isn’t sweet at all, its rather very harsh, its rather the languages like sambalpuri and languages near the west bengal border where the oriya dialects turn sweeter. would you not agree?
    sambalpuri is such a cute language! why are you guys stomping it down to non-exitence and these guys want their language to prosper just like yours. give them their due!
    oh, btw, i forgot to mention YOUR BEST CM (infact my best CM too, one of the best CMs our country ever had) doesn’t even speak Oriya! ”
    (MBA, IMT Ghaziabad)
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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