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Odisha capital wakes up to two-day sports festival


Bhubaneswar: The usual lazy winter morning was charged up this morning with Sports UTSAV held in Odisha capital. The two-day free event by Decathlon, brings to you a plethora of opportunities to explore your sportive corner and is happening across India the same day, and at the same time!

Decathlon, Phulnakhra is hosting the Sports Utsav in Odisha which started today with 35 candidates flagging off for cycling for 20 km at 6 am. Besides, there are school children and others joining in to participate in other sports.

Tomorrow morning, they’ll be on a running spree for which around 120 candidates have already registered. The entry is free for the two days for everyone. Following are the sports they can try their hands at:

Tennis | Archery | Dart | | Cricket | Bootcamp | Golf | Martial Arts | Skating | Table Tennis | Fitness | Zumba | Rugby | Football | Basketball | Hockey | Boxing | Rappelling| Kayaking | Standup paddling

Candidates will also have professional guidance from experts. Parents too can get an idea of their child’s sports interests!