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Odisha capital ready to host Lingaraj’s marriage tonight


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 22:

Odisha Capital has braced itself for the marriage of Lord Lingaraj tonight on the occasion of Sitalsasthi. The marriage procession will start tonight.

sital sasthi

The preparation by the government and the temple administration are in final stages. The Singhadwara (Lion’s gate) of the Lord’s temple has been well decorated and auspicious Kalasa has been placed.

Traditional musical instruments like Mahuri, Changu and conch are being played to announce the marriage since yesterday and the surroundings have been well decorated.

Traditional leaf tents have been erected from the Lion’s Gate till Chahani Mandap. The roads from the temple till Badheibanka square, Tini Mundia square, Ekamra forest and Sitalsasthi road near Kedar Gouri temple have been decorated with colourful lights. The surrounding of Kedar Gouri temple has also been lighted up.

Decorations apart, other aspects of the ritual are also progressing well.

“Work of the 11-feet tall Indra Hasti, which the Lord gets as a marriage gift, has been completed. Servitors ride this elephant backwards during the marriage procession to Lord’s temple while facing him,” said servitor of the temple Gopal Mohapatra.

Other gods residing in the Lord’s temple have also been invited to the marriage.

On the occasion of Mangan yesterday, 29 Khichdi offering were made to the Lord. Pots containing the Khichdi were offered to 18 other gods in the Lingaraj Temple premises as a gesture to invite them to the marriage.

Some of the gods invited to his marriage are Goddess Kapali, Goddess Mahani, Goddess Akhada Chandi, Goddess Ramayani, Goddess Baitali, Goddess Uttarayani, Goddess Mangala, Goddess Gouri, Goddess Ambike, Goddess Swarabasini, Goddess Bindhyabasini etc.