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Odisha capital airport bags fourth position in AAI survey


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 29:

Biju Patnaik International Airport (BPIA) in Odisha capital bagged the fourth position in a national consumer satisfaction survey. Though it has bettered its position as compared to last year, the city airport had topped the list in 2013.

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The Airport Authority of India (AAI) conducts a consumer satisfaction survey twice a year. For 2015, BPIA has acquired fourth position in India among 50 airports. According to the survey, while Bhubaneswar airport fulfils most of the criteria for coming first but substandard services in terminal two (T2) has pulled it down.

The survey is conducted among 50 airports based on 33 criteria among the passengers. The customer satisfaction index rated on a scale of five points, Bhubaneswar got 4.77 points in January to June 2015 and 4.79 in July to December, 2015. In six months, Bhubaneswar has got only 0.02 points more.

In this survey Raipur topped the list which got 4.82 points in January to June 2015, while in July to December, 2015 it has got 4.86 points.

Chandigarh is in the second place and Udaipur stands in the third place in consumer satisfaction. Agra with 2.20 marks is at the bottom of the rung. The minimum world standard is 4.14 marks, around 15 airports fail to qualify.

The facilities and services available in the Bhubaneswar airport Terminal 2 are lower than those in a metro station, according to the survey. With no weighing machine near baggage belt, passengers are unable to weigh their luggage giving rise to confusion in passengers whether to take their luggage in cabin or give it into cargo.

Since there is only one luggage scanner in the airport, they have to wait for more than 30 min if there are more than 10 passengers. For baggage scan, customs department has installed a scanner, but because of space crunch in Terminal-2, it has not been operational.

Also the toilets are in messed up condition, poorly maintained, stinking and unhygienic, no amount of complaints works, according to the survey.

For a passenger going abroad, he or she needs to arrive one and half hours before the flight to complete the formalities. Therefore, they have to spend at least for two hours here. But the sitting arrangements are very questionable with the sofas being torn. Also, there are limited facilities for shopping as there are no stalls for shops, the only snacks centre is on the verge of closing down.