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Odisha boy develops battery operated bicycle


Deogarh: A Class-X student of Central School in Deogarh has become the talk of the town for his technical skills by developing a battery operated bicycle.

Anurag Pradhan developed the bicycle that runs on a battery upto 33 km/charge.

The student took 1 year to develop the cycle at cost of Rs 15,000.

Anurag, son of Udaynath Pradhan, who is a science teacher at Sunamunda School in Deogarh, was inspired from a battery operated scooty to develop the cycle.

He started making the cycle following various tests one year ago and finally succeeded in the project.

The battery operated cycle features 33 km/charge mileage, LED light and a horn. Anurag used two 12 volt batteries, 24-volt gear motor and 250-watt motor control for developing the cycle.

The parts used in the cycle were bought from Maharashtra and total cost was Rs 15,000, said Anurag.

Further research and testing is underway to ride the cycle through pedal when the battery gets down, he said.

He gives credit to his father and friends in making of the battery operated cycle.