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Odisha BJD Minister took favour from AT Group: Lulu


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Mar 17:

Senior Congress leader Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra popularly known as Lulu today literally dropped a bombshell by alleging that Artha Tatwa (AT) Group, a major player in the multi-thousand crore chit fund scam in Odisha had gifted a Mitshubishi Pajero SUV to the president of Biju Yuva Janata Dal.

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Though Mohapatra didn’t take anyone’s name directly, it was evident from his statement that he was indicating at Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Minister Sanjay Das Burma.

The senior Congress leader claimed that in an affidavit submitted by the CBI before the Orissa High Court, the central investigation agency had stated that a Pajero purchased by AT Group chief Pradeep Sethi using company funds was with one Sanjay Das Burma. Mohapatra asked who that Sanjay Das Burma was and why action has not been taken against him.

“A Cabinet Minister in the BJD government with two important portfolios had taken this Pajero. I too have seen that vehicle. The vehicle has now been moved out of Odisha. If the Chief Minister is listening he should reply. If the law is taking its own course and the Chief Minister is for clean governance then he should tell what action he is going to take against the concerned Minister. The concerned person is a member of the ruling party and is said to be the right hand man of the Chief Minister. Therefore he has been given the long rope,” said Mohapatra at press conference here.

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“The people of the state are aware of the character and image of the former Brahmagiri MLA who has been rejected by the people and has been sidelined by his own party. His allegations are baseless and a proof of his foolishness. If he has the guts let him prove his allegations, I will retire from politics. By bringing such false allegations he has again proved himself to be a deplorable person. If he has the guts let him prove his allegations, otherwise he should retire from politics,” said Das Burma responding to Mohapatra’s allegation.