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Odisha-based Startup develops power bank for smartphone

Pic courtesy: Susant Pattnaik/Facebook

Bhubaneswar: Giving technological solution to mobile charging problem due to power disruption, a Bhubaneswar-based startup developed a portable power bank, which can be recharged in any light and charge a smartphone instantly.

Designed and developed by ‘In Thinks Gadgets Pvt Ltd, a venture of In Thinks Group of Companies, the power bank automatically gets recharged using solar panel and electro-ionisation technology.

Although, solar power bank is not new concept, but the best feature about the product is it can be recharged in any kind of light.

The company has used solar panel imported from South Korea in power bank. The efficiency of the panel has been increased through electro-ionisation to convert any light into power, said MD of the Startup Susant Pattnaik.

The portable power bank can be connected to any Smartphone. One needs to push a single button for activation and fast charging.

The power bank comes in two variants — Sol-Ka and Sol-Ka Pro — at Rs 3,500 and Rs 7,500 respectively. The Sol-Ka is slimmer, while Sol-Ka Pro comes with a SIM and a memory card of 64 GB.

The Startup owned by Susant Pattnaik had also launched a LED bulb with an in-built inverter. The bulb, which is available in two categories — 7 watt and 9 watt, lights up a room for at least three-four hours without power supply. The inverter is recharged if the battery inside it gets connected to power for an hour.

The bulb can be used as torch light. It is cheaper and best suited in rural areas where people suffer from unannounced power cuts, said Pattnaik.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur is planning to launch smart watch in upcoming days. The smartwatch will work like a health band and its features will provide safety to women. Currently, the project is under testing.