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Odisha announces drought package: 7 essential things to know

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Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government today announced drought package for crop loss due to the natural calamity in the state.

Here are the 7 essential components of the package:

1. Agriculture input subsidy will be provided to the small and marginal farmers who have sustained crop loss of 33 per cent and above at the rate of Rs 6,800 per hectare of land in rainfed/non-irrigated areas and Rs 13,500 per hectare of land in areas under assured irrigation.

2. Farmers affected by drought in Kharif shall be provided fresh finance for Rabi cultivation during current Rabi season, which has commenced from 01.10.2017.

3. As many as 1.25 lakh pulse minikits, 50,000 oilseed minikits and 25,000 vegetable minikits will be supplied to the farmers for the Rabi programme in the affected villages.

4. As many as 5000 pump sets shall be provided with 50 per cent subsidy limited to Rs 15,000 to the farmers. Besides, availability of pump sets in different Agro Service Centres shall be published to enable the farmer to hire the same to save their standing crops.

5. Landless, marginal and small farmers in the drought affected Gram Panchayats of 70 blocks will be provided livelihood support in terms of backyard poultry. At the same time, a focused approach will be adopted to take up intensive fodder cultivation in these panchayats through distribution of suitable fodder kits.

6. 50 per cent remission in respect of cess on land revenue will be given to farmers where the crop loss is 33 per cent or more.

7. Tuition fees and examination fees in government and aided schools and colleges in drought affected areas shall be waived.