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Odia worker’s body in UAE morgue: Family needs proof, compensation


Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, May 6:

Relatives of an expatriate from Odisha, whose body has been lying in a morgue in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the last two years, are in two minds over whether to receive it, because they are not too sure it’s indeed their ‘missing’ kin’s body .

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According to media reports, Bharat Kumar Behera (37) from Odisha died allegedly due to cardiac arrest in June 2012, following which his body has been lying in the morgue of Shaikh Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi because there has been no claimant so far.

The relatives of the deceased still believe Bharat is alive and that he has gone missing since July 2011.

Though the Indian Embassy and the UAE Government have repeatedly asked Behera’s family to either take the body back to India or cremate it there, the deceased’s ‘wife’ Gitanjali and brother-in-law Jitendra Kumar Behera, who presently stay in Mumbai, appear hesitant.

Talking to OST, Jitendra said the UAE Embassy, after a long period of two years, is asking them to receive the body without providing any proof that it is Bharat’s body.

“How can we respond when we are not sure ? Even if someone goes to verify, how can he identify a dead body after two long years ? And, who will be responsible for the security of the persons who go for a verification?”- he asked.

Jitendra has requested the Government of India to send an official with them to ensure they are not harassed or pressurized by UAE officials during the identification of the body.

“I don’t know why the UAE government is keen to get rid of the case after two years without providing us with any proof that it’s indeed Bharat’s body,” he said, adding, “perhaps the government is under pressure from the company where he worked to avoid complications over compensation or some other issues.”

Meanwhile, Behera’s wife Gitanjali has demanded the UAE government to give adequate compensation to her and her 10-year-old son taking into consideration the fact that Behera had worked in that country for 15 long years.

Bharat Behera was a technician and was employed with Pivot Engineering and General Contracting Company in Abu Dhabi.