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Must watch: Ode to Odissi Guru Pankaj Charan Das spells magic


Bhubaneswar: She had been working on this project for the past two years as a tribute to her grandfather, Adi Guru of Odissi Pankaj Charan Das, on his 99th birth anniversary.

“It was first time that we shot a pure classical piece and released it on YouTube,” said Pallavi Das, managing trustee at Guru Pankaj Udra Sanskruti Academy. She had earlier choreographed an Odissi pieces on the theme song of Game of Thrones series and a Ghoomar dance cover.

‘Angikam’ originally choreographed by the Guru himself, and recreated by Pallavi Das has been shot aesthetically in Sisupalagarh here, bringing to the fore the true essence of the graceful dance form.

“We picked ‘Angikam’ since it is a Dhyaana shloka of every Indian classical dance form and more people can relate to it. This devotional song on Lord Shiva has been presented as Mangalacharan, the traditional invocatory item in Odissi repertoire,” Pallavi said.

The video was shot over a period of two days with nine dancers. “We have worked around the formations keeping the original choreography intact. This piece is amalgamation of Naacha and Abhinaya, the very Pankaj Charan Das style,” she said.

Pallavi is happy with the response the video has generated. “We wanted people to admire the beauty of the pure dance form. The connoisseurs of art are liking it and we want more such videos to reach people globally,” she added.