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Observe protest day, Sabyasachi urges people


sabyasachi pandaOST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Aug 9

Odisha Maobadi Party (OMP) secretary Sabyasachi Panda alias Sunil on Friday urged the people of Odisha to oust the Naveen Patnaik government for growing atrocities against women. Holding Patnaik and his ministers responsible for the death of the Mahakalpada girl, Panda called upon the people to observe a protest day on Saturday.

“The state government is responsible for the death of the minor girl. The people of Odisha should throw out the government for the rising atrocities against women in the state,” said Panda in a audio message released to the media.

Condemning the incident, Panda alleged that the police personnel have raped several women in police stations, which shows the nexus between the police and the present government.

He also said that while deaths had occurred in the quarters of BJD leader Arun Sahu and BJP leader Prasant Nanda, no inquiry was carried out by the government, which makes it clear that the government was trying to shield its own.

Referring to the Supreme Court judgment that criminals should be de debarred from contesting elections, he said those leaders should not be allowed to contest elections.