Home BIG STORY Nursing students in Odisha’s SCB protest principal’s casteist remark, stage demo

Nursing students in Odisha’s SCB protest principal’s casteist remark, stage demo


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, May 10:

The nursing students of SCB Medical College and Hospital in Odisha’s Cuttack today staged a cease work agitation on the campus protesting against ill-treatment and casteist remark made by the principal against a fellow student.

nurse strike

According to reports, the matter came to the fore on Saturday after a nursing student alleged that the principal misbehaved with her and made casteist remark. In protest against the discriminatory behaviour of the head of the institution, the students had called for a cease work agitation today after the authorities did not lend an ear to their complaint.

The girls in uniform staged a rally from their hostel to the Superintendent’s office to lodge their protest.

“If we get late to the class, then absent mark is put on the attendance register and stipend is also deducted. My friend (the complainant) rushed to register her attendance at 2 pm even though she had not finished her lunch. In a hurry, she had not tied her hair properly. He got furious, pulled her hair and slapped her twice. She got a scratch on her face too,” an agitating nursing student said.

Notably, the students had complained to the Superintendent earlier on Monday and had approached him this morning too. The top official allegedly asked the disgruntled students to sweep the matter under the carpet.

“We had gone to meet Superintendent and he said that it is a petty issue. Don’t exacerbate it, hush up the matter. If beating someone is not a big issue then whom should we complain to,” another student asked.

The students had submitted an application to the Superintendent who had assured them to probe into the matter.

The students once again submitted an application to the Superintendent today seeking transfer of the principal.

With the nursing students hellbent on their demands, the health services are likely to be affected at the premier government-run facility here.