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Now Ransomware attacks bank in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Titlagarh, May 18:

After affecting computers at Berhampur city hospital and Purusottampur community health centre, the WannaCry ransomware has now targeted bank in Odisha.

According to reports, the ransomware was detected in two computers of Utkal Gramya Bank’s Titlagarh branch on Friday.

The bank officials were unable to access data in these two systems as it was encrypted by the hackers who demanded $300 worth of Bitcoin to regain control over the data.

They reported the matter to the bank’s regional office following which two experts were sent to fix the problem.

The experts formatted the computers following which it was detached from server.

On the other hand, other computers in the bank are not being used in the fear of getting affected with the malware for which services in the bank have come to a halt.

WannaCry– the ransomware malware– has the ability to spread itself within corporate networks, without user interaction, by exploiting a known vulnerability in Microsoft Windows.

Computers which do not have the latest Windows security updates are at the risk of infection.

Hackers behind the massive ransomware attack have created havoc in over 150 countries.