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Now IIT-Bhubaneswar students can learn Odissi too!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 12:

First year students of IIT-Bhubaneswar, the premier technical institute in Odisha, can now take up Odissi as a ‘breadth’ subject along with their engineering degree.  IIT Bhubaneswar is the first IIT in the country to introduce Odissi as a subject.

odissi dance

A breadth subject is an elective subject, which is entirely different than the degree in which the student is enrolled. Each of the two semesters in the first year would have three credits for the “breadth course,” which is mandatory to clear B Tech.

Classical dance would be one of the ‘breadth’ courses with a maximum of 12 credits during the four years of B Tech course. Each credit consists of five hours of study a week for the selected course. In the first year, students have to complete one credit from a bouquet of choices like Odissi, cricket, NSS, NCC, yoga, badminton and volleyball.

Second and third year students can opt for Odissi, financial management, international relations and entrepreneurship, as elective subject. In final year, Odissi is entirely optional, but those who complete it will be awarded a diploma degree, said IIT- Bhubaneswar Director R.V. Raja Kumar, yesterday.

Odissi course would include class room teaching and activities while evaluation will be in the form of written tests as well as demonstration of techniques, he said.

Eminent Odissi dancers such as Padmashree Kumkum Mohanty, Padmashree Ileana Citaristi and Odissi Guru Ratikant Mohapatra have been asked to prepare the course that will have six basic subjects.

Ten girl students, all of them non-Odias, have chosen Odissi as their breadth subjects.

“We believe in holistic education. We should improve consolidation in core subjects, besides creating enough breadth in the curriculum. We have diverse breadth subjects, from sports to management and from yoga to entrepreneurship. Now, we have introduced Odissi as a breadth subject, which is elective,” said Professor Raja Kumar.


  1. Dance as an extra or curricular activity may be ok, but not as a part of main curriculum with marks. Dance has no connection with engineering. By this logic why not include other hobbies like music, cooking, other dance forms. Etc etc. It may sound as a novel idea but is actually somebody’s whim .

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