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Norwegian Air passengers caught having sex in plane toilet


London, Sep 10:

The passengers of a Norwegian Air Shuttle flight on its way from Paris to Stockholm were recently left stunned when their flight attendant “congratulated” a couple for having sex in the plane’s toilet during the two-hour flight, media reported.

sex lifeAlthough the cabin crew member on flight DY4314 did not disclose the identity of the couple, the sarcastic message was delivered on the aircraft’s loudspeaker when the plane landed in Sweden’s capital on Monday night, Mail Online reported on Wednesday, citing The Local.

Passengers cheered and burst into fits of laughter when they learnt that two of their fellow travellers had successfully joined the ‘Mile High Club’, a woman traveller said.

“He (flight attendant) said something like ‘we’d like to send our best wishes of happy reproduction to the couple that ventured into the toilet earlier on’.”

A spokesperson for the Norwegian airline confirmed the incident. “We can confirm there was an incident on board a recent flight from Paris to Stockholm involving two passengers.”

“Whilst we appreciate that Paris is the city of love, we expect passengers to refrain from this type of behaviour on board,” the spokesperson said.

Police were not alerted as flight safety was not compromised, said the spokesperson. (IANS)