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North Korea proposes halting inter-Korean military hostilities


Pyongyang, June 30 :

North Korea Monday said that it has proposed that the two neighbours on the Korean Peninsula stop all military hostilities against each other starting Friday.Korea South North

The National Defence Commission of North Korea in a statement listed independence, peaceful reunification and national unity as the three main principles for improving relations with South Korea, Xinhua reported.

In the statement, North Korea expressed the hope that all agreements signed by the two sides should be maintained and fulfilled, but those that betray the principle of independence and harm the common interests of the two countries, would be abandoned.

In order to create a better atmosphere for the upcoming Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, North Korea suggested that this year’s Ulchi Freedom Guardian military exercise, a US-South Korean joint drill slated for August, should be scrapped.

It also called on the US not to deploy nuclear strike forces in South Korea and its surrounding areas.