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Nonagenarian Odisha woman chained by son!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Malkangiri, Jan 11:

Son of a 95-year-old woman has chained his mother in the district headquarters town of Odisha’s Malkangiri to confine her movement as she suffers from dementia.

woman chained by son

The nonagenarian woman–Rina Sarkar—staying at the Reclamation Colony here has been struggling with cognitive issues developed due to old age.

The frail woman has been kept in chains by her 60-year-old son Jagdish Sarkar.

“Ma has become mad. If she is not kept shackled, then she goes away here and there,” said Jagdish, as an explanation for the inhuman act.

As a person ages, it is natural for them to lose their mental alertness and their touch with reality, but keeping ones own parent tied up for this is shocking, a neighbour expressed.

The neighbours feel pained to see the elderly Rina dragging herself, shackled by iron chains bound to a wooden stump held by her son Jagdish and being taken to the market.