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Niranjan castigates Odisha govt for bungling in exams


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, June 6:

Former Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) President Niranjan Pattnaik has come down hard on the Odisha government for the repeated mismanagement of all Board Examination in the State.

Niranjan Patnaik, Former PCC chief
Niranjan Patnaik, Former PCC chief

“If every year and all examinations are mismanaged, the problem cannot any longer be treated as isolated or accidental. How can this happen every year and in all examinations, if the state Government is serious? The Board of Secondary Education and the Council for Higher Secondary Education have both been thoroughly negligent and epitomize callousness and inefficiency. The Chief Minister is hardly interested in keeping track of Higher Education in the State. As far as he is concerned, development means one rupee rice and other vote gathering populist sops,” Patnaik said in a statement today.

“There was a time when Odisha Universities and Boards were respected all over the country for their quality; no longer. There is no trust left. In the last five years, students of Odisha have done very badly in the Civil Services Examination and hardly one or two students from the state are qualifying as against nearly 25-30 students till almost 90s. The Government is not interested in restoring quality. The middle class prefers CBSE or ICSE and coaching classes have mushroomed to fill the vacuum created by the State Government by their failure to appoint teachers or monitor quality,” the former minister said.

Maintaining that education and skills are the only way to make the youth employable, Patnaik said the next generation will suffer and our youth will find it difficult to find jobs because of what the BJD Government has done to higher education in Odisha. “Is one rupee rice scheme an alternative to the failure of the state government to create employability among the youth?” he asked.

The former PCC chief said he was surprised that civil society and concerned citizens have not protested as aggressively given how critical the situation is and the fact that a callous state government is playing with the lives of our youth by mismanaging the Higher Education System.

“I am sure there is enough wisdom in Odisha to initiate a set of corrective measures. Naveen Babu views everything other than votes in a bureaucratic way and since he is getting voted, he thinks his mal-governance is getting accepted and that is the problem. He does not think that there is anything wrong and therefore sees no need for any remedial measures,” Patnaik said in the statement.