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Niladri Bije fiasco: Suspension of servitors revoked


Puri: In a significant decision, the Sri Mandir Managing Committee today revoked suspension of nine sevayats (servitors) who were suspended for their alleged indiscipline leading to fiasco during Niladri Bije last year.

The Managing Committee chaired by Puri King Gajapati Dibya Singha Deb at its meeting here decided to lift suspension of nine sevayats Damodar Mahasuara, Jayakrushna Mahasuara, Ipsit Pratihari, Rabi Das, Saina Khuntia, Kasinath Khuntia, Rabinarayan  Khuntia, Bhagirathi Khuntia and Bhimsen Palankadhari.

These nine sevayats were suspended under section 21B (A & C) of the Sri Jagannath Temple Act 1954 by the temple administration for the fiasco during Niladri Bije last year.

They were suspended after examination of CCTV footage by the then temple Chief Administrator Suresh Chandra Mohapatra and Administrator (Security) of the Sri Mandir.

Notably, some sevayats had an altercation with Puri Collector Arvind Agarwal during the Niladri Bije ritual last year when he confronted them after the servitors and their kin alighted from the Taladhwaja chariot, in clear violation of High Court and Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) orders. The incident had led to the delay in the conduct of rituals and pahandi of Lord Sudarshan.

Moments later, the sevayats had a scuffle with media persons while they were trying to ascertain from the Nayak of Chhattisa Nijoga regarding the reason leading to the delay in the pahandi.

However, the Managing Committee decided to take action against the cop who attempted to touch Devi Subhadra during Niladri Bije this year.

According to reports, Amulya Kumar Dhar, former inspector of Sea Beach police station here had touched the idol while the servitors were taking it inside the sanctum sanctorum during pahandi of the Lords.