‘Newspapers are akin to mirror that reflect the true image of the society’

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 4:

Media plays a pivotal role in the survival of democracy and should reflect the true image of the society, experts opined during the 32nd anniversary of Odisha’s leading daily ‘Sambad’ here today.


“Newspapers and news agencies are a kind of a mirror for democracy. If newspapers, news agencies journalists and good writers won’t be there then survival of democracy would be difficult. But, problem here is we are adding more problems to the problems instead of resolving any problem,” Ramon Magsaysay award winner and renowned social activist Bezwada Wilson said.

Wilson emphasised on eradication of untouchability and discrimination from the society. He said that untouchability still prevails in the country despite 70 years of its independence. We have to create such a society for the future generation where there will be no discrimination, he added.

Academician-turned-politician Dr Narendra Jadav complemented the fiery address of Wilson to the august gathering at Jayadev Bhawan here this evening.

“The job of a newspaper is to show mirror to the society. I completely agree with that but please understand there are three kinds of mirrors. One is a convex mirror which shows things smaller than what they are. Then there is a concave mirror which shows things bigger than what they are. Newspaper should be a regular mirror to show things what they are,” eminent academician and MP (Rajya Sabha) Dr Narendra Jadhav expressed.

The promoter and mentor of the largest circulated daily highlighted the role of media in nation building.

“When the nation is on the decay, citizens’ forum should come forward. Media should lead the citizens’ forum. Instead of trying to be the fourth pillar of democracy, it should stand as a separate pillar to protect these pillars from decaying,” Soumya Ranjan Patnaik said.


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