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New banyan leaf heralds wedding time in Bihar village


Patna, May 13:

The sprouting of a banyan tree’s new green leaf has heralded auspicious time for weddings in a Bihar village, where the first marriage took place after a gap of two years.

Weddings were banned by the seers in the village in the absence of a banyan tree since 2012.Banyan leaves

Gopal Rai and Nandu Ram of Annua village in Bhojpur district, about 60 km from here, are now happy that the bad days are over as a wedding ceremony began Monday.

The powerful elders of the Brahmarshi Samaj in the village banned weddings after a banyan tree was uprooted during a road construction work, and announced marriages would take place only after a new banyan tree comes up.

“The absence of a banyan tree was a curse for us. It is over now. We celebrated a wedding ceremony after a banyan tree planted as a substitute for the fallen one sprouted its first green leaf,” said Rai, an elderly villager.

Rai said using a banyan leaf in marriage rituals is an age-old tradition for Hindus who consider it auspicious.

According to village chief Ram, the marriage ceremonies in Annua restarted with the ritual of marrying the new banyan tree with the village well.

Ram said for others, it may be superstition or blind faith but for the villagers of Annua it is part of their ancient tradition.

The new banyan leaf means life in Annua resumes with its colourful traditions.