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Nestle-India to launch 145 new water, sanitation projects


Moga (Punjab), April 22:

Global food, nutrition and wellness giant Nestle will launch 145 new projects for better water and sanitation across various locations in the country this year.

pic: www.biotecnika.org
pic: www.biotecnika.org

Having spent around Rs.300 million last year under its ‘Nestle in Society Initiatives’ campaign, Nestle India plans to execute 145 new projects related to water and sanitation in 2015.

“The new projects will be in addition to the already ongoing projects under the Nestle in Society Initiatives. The current fiscal will witness almost a 50 percent increase in new projects compared to last year. In 2014, Nestle India added 100 new projects,” Sanjay Khajuria, senior vice president-corporate affairs, told IANS.

Nestle’s clean drinking water projects (223 projects since 1999) have benefitted nearly 95,000 people. The water awareness programme has reached out to nearly 52,000 students since 1999, while its sanitation projects (106), launched in 2007, have reached out to over 36,500 girl students.

Having been in India for over 100 years (commercial activities started in 1912), Nestle set up its first plant in Punjab’s Moga town in 1961 with major focus on milk products.

The company, with leading popular products like Maggi noodles, ketch-ups, infant milk products (Cerelac, Lactogen), Everyday dairy products and chocolates, now has eight manufacturing plants across the country.

“The company has been actively focusing on nutrition, water, sanitation and rural development. The company has helped improve the lives of millions of people – through the products and services we provide and through employment, our supplier networks and the contribution we make to economies around the world,” Khajuria said, highlighting Nestle’s ‘Creating Shared Value’ (CSV) approach to doing business.

In Punjab, Nestle has been working with farmers and the community for nearly 54 years to improve water, sanitation and nutrition conditions under its CSV campaign.

“Nestle was instrumental in bring about a mindset change among farmers to take to dairy farming. Starting from small farmers having just 2-3 cows, we are now engaging medium (15-20 animals) and large farmers (50 to 100 animals) in dairy farming,” Kamalbir Singh Deol, Nestle’s regional manager for fresh milk procurement and dairy development, told IANS here.

Being the largest private player in the region, Nestle collects nearly 1.4 million litres of milk daily from over 100,000 farmers in Punjab and parts of neighbouring Haryana and Rajasthan.

“Farmers and other people in Punjab and other areas have been associated with Nestle for decades. This reflects the trust that the company reposes in them,” Nestle’s Moga plant factory manager Satish Srinivasan told IANS. (IANS)