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Naveen’s Twelve Commandments for Odisha’s BJD MPs, MLAs


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, July 5:

Looks like the Odisha chief minister and BJD supremo is finding the pitch for his fourth innings a little too bumpy for comfort.

With factionalism, backbiting and tussle for power among the ministers as well as party MLAs and MPs on the rise and most of them unwilling to tolerate overbearing bureaucrats, Naveen has finally decided to crack the whip.

File pic of BJDPP meeting at Naveen Niwas
File pic of BJDPP meeting at Naveen Niwas

He has now come up with a set of commandments, twelve to be precise, that his MPs and MLAs need to follow. The copies of the sermons are being circulated among the party leaders with the verbal warning that any deviation would be considered
sacrilege and invite serious punishment.

Odisha Sun Times has accessed a copy of the twelve commandments and would like to share it with the readers.

Here it goes :

“People have reposed a lot of faith in our party and given a landslide victory. We have to live up to the expectation of the people and work hard for their welfare. The hard work of our party workers at all levels has contributed greatly to this massive mandate. We must take care of them as well as to take step for further strengthening the party. In this regard I have following to make :

“1.Coordination and cooperation between MLAs and the MP within Parliament segment is very important for strengthening the party. We should work as a team and I would not like to hear about the MLA group or the MP group.

“2.MPs should consult the MLAs in finalising the MPLADS. This will help in better coordination. At least Rs 50 lakh of MPLAD works per MLA segment should be taken up in consultation with the MLA.

“3.I would like MPs and MLAs to make a three year prospective plan of MPLADS and MLALADS and submit the same to the district observer by August 30. This will help in our overall planning for the GP elections which will happen in less than two and half years from now.

“4.While finalising MLALAD and MPLAD projects people’s interest should be kept in mind and not individual interests. Last time one of our MP had sanctioned Rs one crore worth of works for one village which is shocking.

Naveen Patnaik“5.Many times MLAs and MPs get a bad name because of their representatives. Be careful in nominating your representatives. Effective and good party workers should be engaged as representatives of MLA and MP. Family members and close relatives should not be engaged as representatives as this will demolarise party workers. I would also not appreciate family members being promoted as Block Chairman or NAC Chairman at the cost of party workers.

“6.As far as possible MLAs and MP should jointly attend major programmes in the constituency.

“7.We have prepared minimum guarantee of works for every constituency which will be given to you shortly. This must be followed up the implementation. In addition to this, Manifesto implementation is also important.

“8.MLAs should be easily assessable to the people. They should tour villages regularly and meet party workers and people.
9.Problems of groups of villages, difference social groups, women SHGs and youth groups should be indentified and solved as top priority.

“10.Being part of the government we should behave in a responsible way in the Assembly as well as with the public and in the constituency. Every act of your should bring more respect and strength to party and government.

“11.District observers will play an important role in strengthening the party as well as resolving issues. In the month of December we will plan mass enrolment drive. You can plan out to enrol large number of new members to the party.

“12.Youth, women and farmers will remain top most focus for our party. We should continuously try for their welfare and empowerment.”