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Narasingha asks Odisha CM to explain BJD’s chit fund connections


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 3: 

Leader of Opposition in Odisha Assembly Narasingha Mishra today questioned ruling Biju Janata Dal over its alleged relation with a chit fund company of Odisha and asked Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to explain if his party received funding from couple of chit fund accused executives who are inside jail in connection with AT chit fund scam.

Narasingha Mishra in Odisha Assembly

Briefing reporters outside the Assembly, Mishra provided further information about a State Bank of India main branch account and urged the Chief Minister to make a statement on the floor of the House.

“Who is Purna Chandra Padhi who deposited the money? What is the relation between Srikrushna Padhi and Purna Chandra Padhi? Are they both related to Artha Tatwa group? Are they currently lodged in jail? Did they deposit the money in the account? If they did, how much money did they deposit? Does that account not belong to BJD? Who deposited Rs 8 crore in that account in one day and how? Which account did the money come from? Is that not a ghost account? I have asked these questions to the Chief Ministers today,” said Mishra.

Biju Janata Dal Spokesperson Pratap Jena, on the other hand, took the allegations head on and refuted them. Further, he urged Mishra to provide evidence.

“There is a special place for the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly. The position should not be misused. The Leader of Opposition should be truthful while making statements on the floor of the House. The allegations are baseless. We would like him to present the facts before the CBI, if he has any proof at all. Also, we urge him to apologize in public or retire from politics, if he fails to prove the allegations. This kind of cheap politics doesn’t suit the Leader of Opposition,” said Jena.