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NaPa’s Odisha And More


Biswajit Mohanty


Visitors to Odisha driving down on the smooth tarred road (done twice a year) from the Airport to Infocity gape with admiration at the lovely sidewalks with sculptures and flower beds sponsored by the bandit mining companies. They check into Ginger/Mayfair/Trident/Swosti and are soon cocooned in luxury ! Most of them arrive for business…maybe grab a mine or a prize piece of land in Bhubaneswar for a hotel /nursing home or acquire a 1,000 acre patch in Kalinga nagar or Angul district for their sponge iron or power plant also visit the State Secretariat ! Another showpiece of development shining bright in the land of desperation and poverty !
Another developed place in Odisha ! Where bright flowers smile at you from carefully manicured gardens, buildings are immaculately whitewashed and maintained. Where bathroom tiles cover the corridors and office floors ! They carry back the story to Mumbai and Delhi and exclaim in cocktail parties about the rapid development that has taken place ! And how Naveen Pattnaik has worked hard to bring this about !

Tragically ,the other Odisha remains invisible ! Where the poor get their hands chopped off for refusing to go as bonded labourers in districts which get the maximum welfare funds. Where mines have ruined the livelihoods of lakhs of tribals by poisoning the water and heaping waste on the agriculture fields. Where criminal corporates like Bhusans,Tatas and Jindals ensure that the police kick out people from their homes and beat them or shoot them if they protest. Where water meant for irrigation from the Hirakud project is diverted to Vedanta and Bhusans and sundry other factories. Where farmers commit suicide unable to pay off their debts. Where farmers need to lie down on the shiny new tarmac road in front of the Secretariat to attract the attention of the Chief Minster so that paddy is procured. Where women are raped, knifed or burnt alive almost every month as the state fails to give them protection.Where chit fund companies flourished due to active support of ruling party MLAs and Ministers and looted the life time savings of millions of Odiyas! Where …..I can go on and on…..

Raj Singh Deo

Grim Reality! Sad

Ipsita Singh

Ha ha ha Papa bhai ur “bandit mining companies”reminds me of Haddock shouting ” blistering barnacles!!! sea urchins!!! ” etc…

Kundan Kumar

Well written Biswajit.


Biswajit Mohanty

Mining companies are bandits in Odisha despite their huge hoardings on the Highway where someone says ..”Mining Happiness in Odisha ” and “Bringing Smiles to everyone’s faces”, etc. etc. It should read ….”UNDERMINING HAPPINESS IN ODISHA” and “BRINGING SMILES TO NAPA’s FACE” !

Biswajit Mohanty

And most of the ads will depict smiling children . I have yet to see a smiling child in a mining area of Keonjhar where they breathe iron ore fine laden air, drink polluted stream water and see off their fathers to work in distant towns as coolies !

Samarjit Mohanty

NapA the Spider, told the “fly” come to my web.

Suchendu Subudhi


Not 1 crore or 100 crores and not even 1000 crores but just imagine 60,000 crore rupees belonging to Odisha just vanished and we are just begging for 1000 crores as relief after Phailin! They take away 1000 acres as gift from Odisha and we have to beg for our subsistence.

Biswajit Mohanty

Rs.68,700 crores demanded as fines from the miners has not been paid since one year! NaPa does not take steps to collect the money and neither does he cancel the mining leases! There is no court stay order to stop him from the collection. The interest alone comes to Rs.6,000 crores at a 9 % rate ..sufficient to meet the cost of damage caused by Phailin!

Amitabh Patra
Ask someone to draw a cartoon/ sketch of your logical description…

Arjit Mohapatra

Excellent depiction mr Biswajit



I think Universities in Odisha, in their History Departments should encourage research projects on Judicial Commissions in Odisha during Naveen Patnaik’s regime for the benefit of posterity. It will be interesting to know when a Commission was born, how long it lived, what report it submitted and what action was taken there on. One Commission on the Kalinga Nagar firing eight years ago is still “working”.

Biswajit Mohanty

Ha Ha !

Chandrashekhar Mishra

This will be an interesting study…sir, I request u to speak to the Birla Institute to do this study for Odisha….provided they are not under Odisha State Govt’s patronage

Krushna Chandra Sahoo

Commision on Swami Laxmananand’s murder did not find any credible findings………


Prasanna Mishra

A full page government advertisement on Shah Commission recommendation would surely demonstrate Naveen Patnaik’s love for transparency and probity. On the flip side, it may as well earn another UN agency certificate and another full page advertisement !!

Trideeb Rout

ahem ahem

Dhanada Mishra

He has to set up the Lokayukta and find the culprits and punish them. That is the only way out for him otherwise people will give their judgement in May.

Arjit Mohapatra

Full page advt  and big road side hoardings about Right to Services act ????? I have applied for mutation more than 3 months back without any success

CA Bibekananda Nayak

It is tall order you are asking. The Govt. is under pressure to appear as ‘transparent’.

Debiprasad Sahoo

It’s sad that Odisha does not have a challenging alternative to Naveen Patnaik.