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Nandankanan zoo in Odisha gets two pairs of ostriches


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, Oct 3:

After a long span of 15 years, Nandankanan Zoological Park near the Odisha capital has procured two pairs of ostriches from the Chennai-based Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.
The ostriches, aged two years, have been procured at a cost of Rs 5 lakh from the university.

The Nandankanan zoo authority decided to get a few pairs of ostriches in order to attract visitors.

Earlier, two pairs of ostriches were brought in 1999 from a Malaysia-based zoo to Nandankanan. However, they were unable to adjust to the climate here and died within six months.

After that, the zoo authorities had decided not to procure these large flightless birds from other zoos.

“We have purchased the ostrich pairs from the TN University which has an ostrich breeding station since 1998. The ostriches would be kept under observation for a fortnight for medical examination before shifting them to an enclosure near the cassowary enclosure at the zoo,” said Director of Nandankanan Zoo Sudarshan Panda.

The ostrich, one of the few species of large flightless birds found in Africa, has a distinctive appearance with a long neck and long legs. The bird can run at a speed of nearly 70kmph, the fastest running speed for any bird. Its average life span is around 30 years.