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N.D. Tiwari pleads for mediation in paternity suit


New Delhi, Feb 19 ;

Veteran Congress leader N.D. Tiwari Tuesday approached the Delhi High Court seeking mediation in a paternity suit filed by a youth to declare Tiwari as his biological father.

Filing the application for mediation, Tiwari said that after fighting the legal battle from 2008, he wants to “explore the possibility of amicable settlement” in the interest of justice.ND TIWARI

Tiwari also said that instead of fighting the paternity suit, he could have had the case settled out of court earlier with the intervention of a mediator.

In 2008, a man named Rohit Shekhar filed a paternity suit in the high court seeking to declare Tiwari as his biological father, a claim Tiwari has denied.

He requested the court to refer the matter for mediation adding that he now doesn’t want to drag the matter.

The court Feb 12 imposed a fine of Rs.2.5 lakh on Tiwari for repeatedly failing to adhere to its order and asked him to pay the amount to Shekhar. It also rejected Tiwari’s application asking that the cross examination be held outside the court premises.

However, it granted Tiwari a last opportunity for cross examination and asked him to remain present in court Feb 20 before the local commissioner appointed by it, after paying the amount.

Tiwari, expressing his inability to pay Rs.2.5 lakh said that he is a retired politician and he gets pension. He added he was a freedom fighter and can’t pay such a hefty amount.

In the application, he said he is “unable to comply with the order of the cost, thereby he feels deprived to his complete defence before this court”.

He said he is 90 years and unable to move without assistance and has been suffering from cardiac and other diseases.

The high court July 27, 2012 read out a DNA report in the case, according to which Tiwari was shown as Shekhar’s biological father.