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Must for men ! Gift app can win you her love


New York, April 7 :

Confused what to gift your wife or girlfriend on their birthday? Download this unique app to eliminate the guesswork when buying a gift to bring a smile on their faces – and peace in your life!

‘Gift Share Love’ app is simply about gifting and sharing what you love.
“She simply needs to clip links to her favourite things – her ‘Faves List’ such as clothing, beauty products, or decor – and invite her family to become her ‘buddies’ in the app and see all of her ‘faves’ in real-time,” Marcela Smith, founder of ‘Gift Share Love’, was quoted as saying.

Friends and family click on the links and are brought straight to the merchant’s web page featuring the item, where they may place an order directly with that retailer.

Men find the app especially helpful by showing their phone to a sales clerk at a store – with the images, size and colour preferences displayed on the screen.

They get to choose which of their wives’ favourite items to purchase, still allowing for the element of surprise, a press release added.

Items can be marked as “purchased” which helps other “buddies” know when an item is already owned by the recipient.

“Privacy is important to me, as it is to many women so you are not searchable in any way. Only those you choose can see your lists,” Smith added.

If you want to share with a larger group of friends, you can post a product or an entire list on Facebook or Twitter, or just email it.