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Must carry essentials while enjoying festivities

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New Delhi: Carry a festive season kit to avoid diseases and maintain hygiene. Don’t forget to carry a hand and toilet sanitizer, suggest experts.

Vikas Bagaria, founder, and CEO at PeeSafe (a toilet seat sanitizer spray brand) and Anuj Rakyan, founder at RAW Pressery (cold-pressed juice brand), have listed a few must-haves:

* Toilet seat sanitizer: During the festive season, hopping from one shopping mall (restroom) to another is the most common activity for most festive enthusiasts. In the midst of your shopping spree, using public toilets would be the only option left for most of the shoppers which might not be as safe and clean as you had expected. Thus, a toilet sanitizer to pee safely especially for women can help avoid severe infection like UTI.

* Anti pollution mask: One of the must-haves during festive shopping and pandal hopping is a pollution mask. Air pollution can give birth to various dangerous allergies like coughing, rhinitis, asthma among others.

* Hand sanitizer: While enjoying city festivities and shopping you may come across invisible bacteria or germs which are the root cause of many infections including stomach flu. Thus before feasting on delicacies always sanitize your hands.

* Cold pressed juice: With the festive season of Navratri on in full swing, people are caught up with the celebrations, fasting, and puja that often leads to them forgetting to hydrate themselves in all the excitement. Don’t let dehydration dampen the fun. A bottle of cold press juice can help you stay energized throughout the day and enjoy your shopping sprees and pandal hopping all the nine days of the festival.