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Too much Twitter kills romance in life


New York, April 12 :

Are 140 characters coming between you and romance in your life?

You are not alone.

A study contends that those addicted to Twitter are likely to have problems with their partners than those who are not.

(source: business2community.com)
(source: business2community.com)

The more time you spend on Twitter, the more harm you are causing to your relationship, said the study by researchers of the University of Missouri.

Of the 500 Twitter users polled, researchers found the more active the tweeter, the more conflict a relationship had.

The findings were not any different even for couples who have been together for long.

“Active Twitter users experienced Twitter-related conflict and negative relationship outcomes regardless of length of romantic relationship,” Russell Clayton, doctoral student at Missouri School of Journalism, was quoted as saying.

However, the researchers said that Twitter may not bet the sole factor for the souring of a relationship.

Other contributing factors like money, and trust, could also end a relationship, the study said.