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Monsoon to hit Kerala in 24 hrs, to enter Odisha in June second week


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, June 5:

With the arrival of southwest monsoon in the country’s southern coast in Kerala delayed by 24 hours, its advance into Odisha would be slightly delayed, the Indian Meterological Department  (IMD) said today.

monsoon showers

“Conditions remain favourable for the onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala and its further advance into some more parts of south Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Maldives- Cape Comorin (Kanyakumari) area, some parts of Tamil Nadu and some more parts of Bay of Bengal during next 24 hours,” an IMD release said this evening.

The monsoon will further advance across parts of the northeast including Odisha in the next 48 hours, it added.

Since the monsoon usually takes at least ten days to reach Odisha after hitting the Kerala coast, it is expected that the state will receive rainfall from the second week of this month.

Meanwhile, temperature in most parts in Odisha remained almost normal barring some places in the western districts.

While Sonepur was the hottest place in the state today at 43 degree Celsius, the temperature was 42 in Titlagarh, 40.6 in Jharsuguda, 42 in Hirakud, 41.7 in Bhawanipatna and 40 in Sundargarh.

Though temperature remained under 40 degree in most parts of the coastal districts, intense humidity made the plight of the people miserable.

Unbearable humid conditions made the plight of the people in the capital city miserable today as the relative humidity level went up to a maximum of 83 percent.