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Modi vs Kejriwal : What stars foretell


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, May 6 :

While the holy city of Varanasi is all set to witness one of the super battles of 2014 Lok Sabha elections on May 12, Odisha-based astrologer Bibhu Satpathy alias Sn Nigamananda offers an astrological perspective to what the stars have in store for the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and his challenger,  AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal.

The astrologer has predicted, if Modi becomes the Prime Minister after the elections, he will occupy the chair until 2028.

The following is Satpathy’s astro-analysis of the poll battle in Varanasi and Modi’s future post polls :

Modi Kejriwal







Modi vs  Kejriwal:Decoding the mysterious alignments of their stars

By Sn Nigamanannd (Bibhu Satpathy)*

The people in Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest living cities, are caught up in the middle of an intense high-profile political war. Arvind Kejriwal, the angry young man of Indian politics in recent years, who has the reputation of a giant killer, is pitted against a seasoned politician and Gujarat chief Minister Narendra Modi, who is being projected as the next Prime Minister of India.

The stage is perfectly set and the last act of this thriller will be written by the people of Varanasi when they vote on May 12 in the last phase of 2014 election – the climax of a long-drawn battle marked by the anxiety, hope and fears of not only the leaders in the fray, but people across India and abroad as well.

The electoral battle here has all the ingredients of a Bollywood masala film- emotions, high drama, showmanship, powerful dialogues and much more.

The popular perception is that the ‘Modi wave’ has flattened all opposition across the country. But is it true? Whatever may be the ground reality or on-screen image building, this article aims at a serious reading of the stars, their conjunctions, permutations and combinations and its effects on the fight in Varanasi.

Like the people of Varanasi, the planets and stars in the cosmos has punches ready for both the main contestants.

Yes, this is an astrological perspective on the battle for Varanasi- Modi vs Kejriwal
The birth charts/sidereal zodiacs of the two contestants and the horary chart based on the date and time of filling nomination will give us an indication about the possible result of this fight.


The horary or Prashna Jatak based on the timing of filing of nominations of the two contestants indicates a tight fight wherein the pendulum of fortune swings from side to side.

Let us now look at the horary chart of both the individuals.
Kejriwal Horary
In the horary chart of Arvind kejriwal, lagna Lord (Self) is posited in the ninth house (House of fortune) conjucted with 2nd and 11th (house of achievement) Lord Mercury and Ketu.

The ninth lord Mars is posited in enemy house and is also retrograde, but is aspected by Jupiter. But Jupiter doesn’t aspect the ninth house.

The 10th lord is posited in 7th house and is aspected by Jupiter. Retrograde 9th lord Mars is aspecting the 9th house.

The 7th Lord (opposition) Saturn becomes the Lagna Lord for Modi and is posited in the 9th house, also exalted and retrograde.

Saturn is conjucted with Rahu. In this chart, Modi’s lagna Lord Saturn and 9th Lord Venus interchange their houses and both are aspected by Jupiter.

The 10th Lord i.e the lord of profession is posited in 8th house. It indicates a tight fight and the pendulum is slightly tilted towards Kejriwal.

The horary chart of Narendra Modi also indicates the same Ascendant (i.e Leo Asc), the Lagna Lord posited in the 9th house with the 11th Lord and afflicted by Ketu. The 10th Lord Venus is in the 7th house aspected by Jupiter. Venus is also conjucted by 12th Lord Moon which indicates loss for the opposition.

Narendra Modi Horary

The 7th Lord(opposition) Saturn that becomes the Lagna for Kejriwal is in the 9th house and conjucted with Rahu. Saturn is aspected by Jupiter.
The 9th and Lagna Lord exchange houses and is aspected by Jupiter.
The 10th Lord is in 8th house indicating loss for Mr.Kejriwal.
It also indicates a tight fight and the pendulum is tilted towards Modi.
The X-factor !

But the X factor, which may come into play, relates to the time of filing  of nomination papers.

Narendra Modi filed his nomination during Rahu Kaal (from 1:30 to 3 PM on Thursday 24th April 2014) which is considered a highly inauspicious time.

The period for Modi in this horary chart continues as Rahu:Rahu:Jupiter upto 6.8.2014. It indicates polarization of vote (Rahu, being the other religion Graha, stands for non-Hindus).

Non-Hindus are likely to cast their vote against Modi.

But as Jupiter is aspecting Rahu and Jupiter sub-period is continuing, there won’t be a complete polarization and Narendra Modi will win in a tight contest.

Even the, his Purvanchal mission is likely be affected and Modi may face some problem while forming ministry.

It is for sure, however,  that it will not be a cakewalk for Modi as his followers and fans would like to believe.
Now let us look at the birth chart/Sidereal zodiac of the two leaders.

Birth chart Modi Kejriwal


A study of both the charts indicates that Modi has an edge over Kejriwal.
Kejriwal is undergoing Jupiter Major period (Jupiter being the 8th and 11th Lord) aspecting 8th house.

Hence, he will be known for his sacrifice rather than any achievement.

During this Jupiter major period (from 2004 to 2020), he will not stick to any job or assignment for long. However, his chart indicates that he is an honest man with good intentions and his mission against corruption is genuine.

The current Jupiter: Venus :Saturn sub period is continuing from 26/04/2014. During this period, Kejriwal is likely to get bad results.

He had won Delhi election during Jupiter sub-period as Jupiter is in constellation with Venus star.

Bibhudanand Satpathy, Astrologer
Bibhudanand Satpathy, Astrologer

In Narendra Modi’s case, moon’s debilitation is broken. As it is conjucted with Lagna lord Mars, it creates Neech Bhanga Raj Yog.

Jupiter posited in 4th house indicates great support from colleagues in Modi’s cause. He will enjoy loyal and supportive colleagues and followers.

10th Lord Sun in 11th house conjucted with 11th Lord and 9th Lord in Lagna is aspecting the ninth house.

All these and more importantly, the ninth lord’s (Lord of fortune) dasha/major period continuing up to 09/10/2021 will usher in very good results and achievements for Modi.

The Moon major period will be followed by another very good major period of Mars, which will continue up to 9.10.2028.

This signifies Narendra Modi is likely to be the next PM. If he does become the PM, he will continue to hold the post for a long period i.e till 2028.

On 16th May, the day of publication of results, the Moon in transit will be in Scorpio which is Shri Chandra for Modi – indicating happiness, and Moon in constellation with Jestha star becomes sampad star for Modi, which again indicates prosperity/good result.

In the case of Kejriwal, Moon in transit will be the 7th Moon, which is equally good. But Moon, in constellation with Jestha star, becomes nidhan star which implies bad result.

The horary chart, the natal chart and the position of Moon in transit on May 16th of these two protagonists indicate that Narendra Modi will emerge victorious even though Arvind Kejriwal will make the battle a closely fought one.

However, even in defeat, Arvind Kejriwal will be credited with moral victory for ensuring that the ordinary people or the aam aadmi of this great democracy will not be taken for granted by political parties anymore.


* Sn. Nigamananda ( Bibhudanand Satpathy ) is a Bhubaneswar-based astrologer. The views expressed are personal.

He may be contacted at  [email protected] : OST Desk


  1. Yes, MODI will be our future PM. Because the predications of * Sn. Nigamananda ( Bibhudanand Satpathy ) never wrong.

  2. The astroanalysis by Sn. Nigamananda seems to well researched and hopefully may go as predicted.
    Best wishes.

  3. S.M.HAQ, MAY,7TH,2014 AT,2;50PM,the prediction of sn.Nigamananda (Bibhudanand Satpathy) is correct .I agree, Mr. Narendra Modi next priminister of India.

  4. S..Parvin, May 7th, at,3.12pm,I believe and have hundred percent faith,his prediction is correct.Mr. Narendra Modi , Indias next PM

  5. A very thorough reading of charts,which doesn’t pass off media projections as an astrolological one.I am sure Sn.Nigamananda has nailed it.

  6. The article is well analysed and hope the prediction will stand like other predictions of Sri Nigamanada.
    Best wishes,
    with regards,

  7. The predictions of Sn.Nigamananda seems a perfect analysis about both the leaders. Hopefully this prediction will come true.

    Dr. Sasmita

  8. Varanasi is the battleground eyed by everyone. With AAPtards claiming no MODI wave and BJP preparing itself for the victory, this article has come at the right time and nailed it. The thorough study of the charts by Learned sn.Nigamananda ji (Bibhudananda Satpathy) gives an insight into the charts of the warriors. May 16th your predictions, Sir, will be proved right and Modi will be the PM of India. Hope ache din aayenge!

  9. I agree with Sn. Nigamananda [Bibhu Mamu] . Hopefully Modi will bring a wave of changes that people expect from him.

  10. Let’s all pray to the Almighty God that the predictions made by the learned Astrologer come 100 % true & Sh.Narendra Modi Jee becomes Prime Minister of India very very soon.

    India shall progress a lot under the able leadership of Modi Jee.

    Rajesh Tanwar

  11. Analysis is 100% correct. Yesterday exit poll report has come & this is what Bibhu sir had already predicted the same before. Let’s pray to the GOD that the prediction made by him will come true & also pray for a good Government.

    “Achhe Din Annewale hain !!!!”

    Satya Mohapatra.

  12. Ab ki baar Modi sarkar has actually come true like their solgan…Mr Satpathy’s predictions are 100% correct.May the new government give us the leadership we need!!!!

  13. This article is very refreshing because of the unique vantage point that it provides on the Modi vs. Kejriwal battle witnessed recently. The accuracy of the predictions made in this article just go on to re-emphasize the importance and role of forces beyond our ken. The beauty lies in the fact that all of what Mr Satpathy has said is driven by elegant mathematics and is so profound that it requires astrological acumen to be able to pull such an analysis together. The depth of the underlying research is reflected in the fluid and well rounded presentation of the content. We need such articles to get a balanced view of the world that we are a part of and continually remind ourselves of the Supreme power governing the events that unfold around us.

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