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Modi talks of improving conditions of Muslims


New Delhi, June 11 :

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday sought to reach out to Muslims and weaker sections, saying that that there was need of focused activity to improve their economic condition.

Narendra Modi, PM  (IANS pic)
Narendra Modi, PM
(IANS pic)

Replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to president’s address, Modi referred to Dalits, the oppressed and tribals and asked if their condition had improved.

“Can we say we have brought about a change,” Modi asked.

Modi said he was not saying that the previous governments were not serious in trying to improve lot of weaker sections but there was no apparent change in their condition.

Referring to Muslims, Modi said he had seen generations engaged in the same trade, such as cycle repair work.

“How will we bring about a change. We need focused activity. (We) do not see it as appeasement. If any organ of the body is not healthy, the body is not healthy,” he said.

The BJP has always accused the Congress of taking decisions aimed at “appeasement” of the main minority community while doing little to improve the condition of the community that is the world’s third largest after Indonesia and Pakistan.

Modi said there was need to go give a new definition of development.

This is the first time Modi has addressed Muslims after becoming prime minister. During his 13 years as Gujarat chief minister, Modi has been accused of marginalising Muslims and looking the other way when over 1,000 Muslims were killed in the state’s 2002 riots.