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Modi takes a swipe at media


Merces (Goa), Jan 12 :

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Sunday took a potshot at the media, accusing it of being obsessed with the politics in Delhi.

Lauding Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for his “simplicity”, Modi said Parrikar would have been the apple of the eye had he been a part of Delhi’s political scene.modi

“Imagine if Parrikar was in Delhi. All of India would know how simple and an educated person he is. But the media cannot see beyond Delhi,” the Gujarat chief minister said.

The comment appeared to be a veiled reference to the media-savvy Aam Aadmi Party and to the media’s obsession with the party and its newly-formed Delhi government.

Continuing his attack on the media, Modi said that despite the media’s ire against him, he still managed to win the hearts of the people.

“For years now, I could never seem to win on TV or in print news. But I have won in the hearts of the people. People will have to decide whether they need a face on TV or a guy with feet on the ground to lead them,” Modi said.