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What Modi said: Highlights of parliament address


New Delhi, May 20:

Here are the highlights from the speech when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi addressed the BJP parliamentary party Tuesday.

Modi* By giving BJP an absolute majority, people have voted for hope and faith. The common man’s faith in democracy has been reinforced, this is a big thing for any nation.

* This victory is dedicated to the sacrifice of five generations of party leaders and millions of workers. No party member is above the organisation.

* The new government will dedicate itself to the poor, youth and the safety and security of our mothers and sisters. We all will work for them – you and I. I will not let you down.

* The celebrations, excitement will go on but the era of responsibility has begun.

* People see Modi tall because my party’s senior leaders (looking at L.K. Advani and Rajnath Singh) have lifted me on their shoulders.

* It would have been fitting if Atal ji (former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee) was in better health and could have been here.

* My rise from humble origins is a tribute to the greatness of Indian democracy.

* India is like my mother. BJP is my mother too. Can a son ever do a favour to his mother? It is the party that has done me a favour by giving me this opportunity to serve.

* I am a born optimist. I don’t know what pessimism is. Only an optimistic person can bring hope to this country.

* Some people say a glass is half empty; some people say a glass is half full. I say the glass is half filled with water and half filled with air.

* I will do my best to fulfill this huge responsibility you have entrusted me with. In 2019, I will meet you again with a report card.

* We did not get the chance to die for the country but people have given us a chance to live for the country. Every second and each part of the body should be used in the service of the country.