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Modi greets Malayalis on Onam


New Delhi, Sep 7 :

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday greeted Malayalis on the occasion of Onam, the state festival of Kerala.
onam“Greetings to Malayali friends on Onam. May Onam enhance the spirit of peace, prosperity, brotherhood and truthfulness in our lives,” Modi said.

He also remarked on the significance of Onam as a symbol of national integration, justice, peace and prosperity.

“It is wonderful how all sections of the Malayali society come together to celebrate Onam, making it a wonderful occasion of national integration,” he added.

He also said Onam reminds us of the glorious era of King Mahabali and is a day to “reaffirm our commitment to create a just, peaceful and prosperous society”.

Onam is celebrated to mark the return of legendary King Mahabali to Kerala who was loved by his subjects for being a just and benevolent ruler.