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Modi a ‘habitual liar’ and an expert in making ‘U-turns’: Prakash Raj


Bhubaneswar: Launching a scathing attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the National award-winning actor-filmmaker Prakash Raj dubbed Modi a “habitual liar” and an expert in making “U-turns”.

The actor, who has been critical of the BJP, came down heavily on PM Modi, BJP Chief Amit Shah while speaking at an event titled ‘Save India-Save Constitution’ organised by the Jan Chetana Manch here this afternoon.

The acclaimed actor-turned-activist even went on saying “Modi is a Non-resident Indian”. “Modi is often seen travelling to foreign countries but he chooses to stay in the country only during elections.”

Terming Modi a habitual liar and least bothered about the saving the democracy and constitution, the veteran actor said he has been an expert in making u-turns. “Modi and his government had done nothing but fooling people in this country since taking power. The BJP is trying to do politics out of religion, which is dangerous for a society and democracy,” he pointed out.

The actor said “we had made a mistake five years ago”, referring the BJP government at the Centre, which received a loud round of applause from the audience.

“A government is elected by the voters to govern. They spend the money collected from the tax payers. The duty of the government is not to talk about religion. It is not your duty to tell me what to eat and what to wear. It is my personal choice,” Raj said.

Slamming the RSS and BJP for its “destructive” ideologies, he said the great freedom fighter Sardar Patel had once banned the RSS terming it “anti-national”. “It was Patel who banned the RSS and termed them anti-national. He later removed the ban after they decided to not form a political party and these people are now celebrating the statue of Patel.”

During his address, Raj raised many issues like farmers’ distress, demonetization, GST and Gauri Lankesh murder, among others to prove his claim about the BJP government.

He said he will travel across the country to expose the BJP government and keep on asking genuine questions about developments.

“I am angry and will go around the country to broadcast my views. I did not vote for the PM, but as a citizen I have every right to question him like any other citizen. All citizens should keep on questioning the government till the day we the people will not be pressurising the government,” said Raj, a popular actor in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil film industries, has won five National Film Awards for his movies.

Political leaders from other parties like the Congress, CPM, civil society members, youth, among others came together under one umbrella to deliberate and discuss the Constitution and other genuine issues plaguing the society.