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Mobile van to examine food quality in Odisha capital


Bhubaneswar: A mobile van called ‘Food Safety of Wheels’ arrived here to examine food quality and prevent adulteration.

In view of rising number of street food and vendors offering delicious fast food as well as to check food adulteration in the city, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has provided one mobile van to Odisha to test the food standard.

The ‘Food Safety on Wheels’ will move in other locations apart from Bhubaneswar within few days to examine the food quality in Odisha.

With the launch of the mobile van, people need not to go to any laboratory for quality check, rather the vehicle will collect the samples of edible oil, milk and other food items from people and provide immediate report.

People can examine food samples at cost of only Rs 10.

The Food Safety of Wheels van will not only examine the food samples, but also create awareness among people about food adulteration. The van comes up with a LCD and mike through which message will be sent out to people and general public can ask their queries to the officials present in the van.

There will be a laboratory technician, one food security official and other staff in the van.

The Food Safety on Wheels will examine the food qualities available in crowd area, small hotels and markets.

As the food testing lab is not available everywhere, the FSSAI has decided to set up mobile food testing lab in the states including Odisha, said a senior food security officer.

There is a provision to provide two vans to small states and four to large states. Odisha may get another mobile van if required in future.

The FSSAI will provide Rs 5 lakh per year for next three years for operation of the van. Odisha government will bear the maintenance and transport expenses. The van will examine the food qualities in distance between 100-150 mt everyday, he added.

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