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Mobile app to search for words in audio recordings


Tokyo, April 7:

Japanese firm Casio has developed a first-of-its-kind application for iPhones to enhance word searches in audio recordings.

pic: worldfloat.com
pic: worldfloat.com

The application converts words typed in a mobile phone into sounds it compares with patterns present in original audio recordings, Efe news agency reported.

The application “provides a new way to study or improve efficiency at work”, said a statement from the company.

Known for its watches and keyboards, Casio believes its new app outperforms current voice recognition systems, which search only for words previously registered.

The app can import data from other applications including Apple’s iTunes platform, and also enables notes or images to be tagged to words in a recordings.

A Japanese version of the application “Keyword Atama-Dashi Voice Recorder” is available at Apple’s App Store, and Casio plans to launch its English version around the end of April. (IANS)