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Monalisa mowed down by Haiwa 14 days ahead of marriage


OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Dec 2:

The saying ‘man proposes god disposes’ proved true for the parents of Monalisa Samal (24) who was killed in the tragic accident at the Khandagiri square here on Sunday evening.

What can be more heartbreaking for the parents of a girl who gets killed in a road accident just 14 days before her marriage?

Monalisa was to marry on December 15. All preparations for the ceremony were over. The engagement ceremony was done at the Biraja temple in Jajpur. The exact time (lagna) for the marriage was to be fixed on December 4.

Monalisa, along with her brother Jyoti Prakash , had come to Bhubaneswar from Belpahar to make purchases for the marriage. The brother-sister duo, after arriving in Bhubaneswar at around 1pm by Intercity Express from Belpahar, went to their house in Dumduma area here.

While on their way to the market in the evening, Monalisa and Jyoti Prakash were waiting at the traffic signal at Khandagiri square to turn green to cross over to the other side when a sand laden  Haiwa truck rammed onto them.

Monalisa died on the spot, while brother Jyoti Prakash had a narrow escape from death with critical injuries, left to brood what went wrong.