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Missing American’s body found in bags in Mexico


Mexico City, July 20:

The body of a missing American on a transcontinental motorcycle journey from the US to Latin America has been found in two plastic bags near a beach in southwestern Mexico, media reports said Saturday.

Harry Devert, 32, who left his job as a trader in finance, vanished six months ago after sending his girlfriend an ominous text message from a troubled region in Mexico, CNN reported.

Devert’s decomposed remains were recovered from a shallow grave in Guerrero state along with his green Kawasaki motorcycle. DNA tests confirmed the remains were those of Devert, an official of Guerrero state attorney general’s office said.

Devert’s last text message described how he was being escorted from “an area too dangerous for me to be”.

The discovery of the remains and the motorcycle was made nearly 480 km southwest of where Devert was last heard from in January.