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Miscreants hurl ‘bomb’ on trader’s store house


OST Crime Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Nov 21:

Unidentified bike-borne miscreants hurled bombs on a local trader’s store house at Patrapada on the National Highway No 5 under Tamando Police station here late on Wednesday night.

According to reports, Trader Hrudaya Ballav Pattasani, owner of Rajani Associates, which deals in construction materials like bricks, cements and rods, lodged a complaint with the local police alleging that the hooligans belonging to the Congress party entered his store premises and hurled bomb on a store roof, where his employee Dulal Routaray was sleeping, in the wee hours of Thursday.

Though Dulal escaped without major injuries, the asbestos roof of the room got damaged in the bomb attack, the complainant said.

Pattasani said hearing the explosion, Dulal left the room called him over phone. By the time he reached the spot, the miscreants had already fled.

Pattasani, a BJD worker, further alleged that it might be the handiwork of his rivals in Congress Party with whom he had a heated exchange recently.

Acting on the complaint filed by Pattasani, Commissionerate Police have started investigation into the matter. Tamando police have recovered remains of the exploded bomb. As in the cases of some other ‘bomb’ attacks, police said it is not a bomb, but only a powerful cracker.

Earlier, police had tried to broker a compromise between the rivals, sources said.