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Minor tribal girl lured away by middleman yet to be rescued


OST Bureau

Rourkela, Dec 2:

Police and district administration has failed to trace a young tribal girl, who went missing a couple of months ago.

While her sister managed to escape from the clutches of her captors and reached her home in the Gopabandhupalli slum here ten days back, the other woman is still believed to be in Rajasthan where the two siblings were sold off by a middleman.

Reports said the middleman, Prem Prakash, had offered to arrange jobs for Malayan (17) and Ratni (20) , who were living in misery with their widowed mother here. The middleman promised to provide them with jobs in brick kilns in West Bengal at high wages. The girls’ mother however, had advised them against going with the middleman. But paying no heed to their mother’s advice, the girls left with the middleman aspiring for a better life.

While the girls failed to contact their family, one of the girls, Ratni, managed to escape and reached her home ten days back, unveiling the mystery surrounding their disappearance.

The middleman had taken them to Delhi instead of West Bengal and had escaped after selling them to an elderly couple, she revealed on her return.

Despite this information, however, police have failed to rescue Malayan so far. The family of the girls had lodged an FIR with the Plant Site police station here about their missing girls on September 25.

The interior areas of tribal dominated Sundargarh district have turned out to be a happy hunting ground for human traffickers engaged in trafficking of young women. Traffickers lure poor tribal young girls from the interiors of this district and sell them in distant Delhi, Rajasthan etc. to earn a quick buck.