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Minor molested, crime recorded on mobile


New Delhi: Two persons, including an elderly shopkeeper, were arrested in south-east Delhi on charge of molesting an 11-year-old girl, recording the crime on mobile phone, and circulating it, police said on Wednesday.

Ram Kishan, 67, was arrested for touching the girl inappropriately whereas the minor’s neighbour Harish was held for recording the crime and forwarding it, Deputy Commissioner of Police Romil Baaniya said.

Baaniya said police responded to a phone call on Tuesday about child molestation in Ambedkar Nagar area.

“The complainant said his 11-year-old daughter had gone to a nearby shop, whose owner Ram Kishan took her inside and touched her inappropriately,” Baaniya said.

Police said the complainant accused Ram Kishan of committing the wrong for the past one year. Harish circulated the video clipping since he and complainant have an ongoing property dispute, police said.

The mobile phone used in the recording has been seized.